Hello ROI.
Goodbye past due accounts.

Whether you’re a service provider, lender or any business with delinquent accounts, Retain is your ready-to-use solution for engaging and retaining customers while boosting repayment.

Don’t Just Call

  • Hard conversations are easier on digital channels. We make them easy
  • Don’t engage on the same channel for every customer

Engage Better

  • Take the omnichannel approach for better engagement and overall customer experience
  • Use consumer-preferred channels and appropriate timing for your communications
  • Your messages through data-driven deliverability

Don’t Settle for Less

  • Don’t accept losses as a “cost of doing business”
  • Don’t add more headcount or call centers to try to reach more customers
  • Don’t only reach the top list from scoring models due to time restrictions and resource restraints

Collect Better

  • Reduce roll rates with better engagement
  • Scale seamlessly and cost-effectively with digital-first deliverability
  • Enable more self-serve options and let your internal team focus on bigger business goals

Don’t Lose Customers

  • Hard conversations are easier on digital channels
  • Don’t miss opportunities for customer engagement based on timing

Retain Better

  • Engage in the right channel at the right time for each customer
  • Choose a client-branded solution without straining internal teams

“Using Retain has helped us optimize our communication channels by meeting customers where they are. We see better interactions with digital than just relying on phone calls, and have maintained performance levels while reducing our operational costs.”

Kyle Sutter, SVP – Head of Collections, Atlanticus

“The ease of use has been great. The implementation team worked with us and was willing to find creative solutions to help our business, and replacing our old approach with Retain has had huge cost savings benefits.”

Lauren Scanio, Senior Customer Service Manager, Financial Services Client

“Retain allows us to leverage the power of digital communications which has redefined how we connect with our customers. With minimal effort, we’ve been able to implement email strategies and have seen impressive results using Retain.”

Consumer Fintech Client

“Using Retain has helped us fully automate email and SMS outreach efforts. Engagement increased as did the number of scheduled payments, reducing the number of eventual charge-offs on our books. These efforts have also allowed our internal team to focus on other high priority areas of the business.”

Reach Financial LLC

“We tested Retain against another provider and the results were clear: Switching from call-and-collect outreach to using Retain’s digital-first approach presented new opportunities to communicate with our customers on their preferred channels, meaning better engagement and improved return rates.”

Consumer Financial Services Provider Client

It’s easy to get started.